-inserts obligatory All Time Low lyric-
I'm in love with 4 losers. period.

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I’m nearly finished with the make your own jack :) but I want to know what does jack like?

things wise? like what food? drinks? clothes? people? I want to know everything. do you guys have any ideas. if you do, could you tell me by ask or by answering this question on here. thanks v much if you help out :)


Jack and Zack being cuties - requested by Anon

Anonymous said: It is great you are finally grtting all that attention though. You deserve it!

Thank you anon! I actually don’t deserve it because there are so many other amazing blogs out there !! but I’m still in shock.

So Happy!

Anonymous said: Jack!!! :D

okay anon. one jack coming up ;)

guyliners said: your "make your own: alex" edit was simply brilliant and i love it and wish it was real ok


You are lovely. i’m glad you like it friend ! :)

Jack, Zack or Rian. which one should I do next for the make your own?



You’re invited to the second annual All Time Low: Straight to DVD party! Co-hosted by Nathan.

Last year was so successful and fun! Many fans befriended each other and overall had a good time. Let’s make this one just as great!

Where: tinychat.com/atlparty with this link to the video (suggested you have to video buffer beforehand, side-by-side window method)

When: Saturday, August 2nd at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT 

Absolutely anyone who likes ATL may come! Please reblog this post and spread the word.

Anonymous said: I don't mean to sound like I'm attacking you or anything, but why do you repost yourself so many times? Just curious.

hi anon :) good question. sometimes I do it because I like the picture/ graphic too much that I like to keep seeing it on my dash and also I do post an edit or a graphic once a day and its better to update as much as you can rather than update yourself once in the 24 hours. thanks for the question though :))